Piss help your weed grow

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The desire has to come from within. Log in or Sign up. By springtime, that soil will be loaded with nutrients that will plump up your parsnips and coddle your cabbages. You don't know your exact state of health. When you wonder things, search page is very helpful.

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8 Reasons Why You Should Pee in Your Garden

Plants respond positively and have never shown signs of distress. MariusNov 30, If you desire, a bloom fertilizer may be used in tandem during the flowering phase. Infections will increase both your salt content and PH values, and can contain bacteria that consume nitrates. The nitrogen in urine ammonia and urea must first be consumed by bacteria as food. Without getting into how opiates damn near ruined my life, I will say that this plant has given me tremendous amounts of relief.

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