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Offer Get a free drink! If it is part of the culture, well and good To my surprise, she emailed me back and said she had heard of the naked swimming legend. Only way I could swim in a Western style pool was to wear prescription goggles. Facebook users Use your Facebook account to login or register with JapanToday.

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But not really, most of the time they cover themselves with a towel.

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Just why do intelligent middle-class girls send explicit pictures of themselves to boys?

Girls need to put on some pants nobody wants to see up their dresses or care if they have any pants on under their dresses. Prostitution has been strictly banned since shortly after WWII, but legal restrictions are vague. Japanese people, while subjected to other nefarious forms of propaganda, are fortunate in that they grow up in a society free of the 'original sin' nonsense, unlike us in the west. I thought it would by about Japanese attitude towards nudity, but it went on to cover manga, clothing, etc. I think the author here is confusing openness towards nudity and an openness towards sexuality. Voice of ISIS is captured: In retrospect, I am so glad I had naked, public high school swimming.

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