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Research has suggested that the psychological effects of objectification on men are similar to those of women, leading to negative body image among men. Views Read Edit View history. The film revolves around an autistic man who becomes fixated on a female pig and ends up having a sexual relationship with it, and is psychologically devastated when the pig dies. Stealing a nurse's uniform and car, Lynn ends Harassment experienced every day wears on a woman, and sometimes this results in a state of depression.

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Sexual objectification

Since the dependence on another's evaluation limits a woman's ability to create her own positive experiences and motivation, it adversely increases her likelihood for depression. Share this Rating Title: There much funnier, have better story lines, and actually worth your time. Camille Paglia holds that "[t]urning people into sex objects is one of the specialties of our species. With little left, she turned to street prostitution to support herself, her partner an alcoholic himself and daughter, although friends comment [1] that even then, she did not want to be with people this way — all she wanted was her animals, as it once had been.

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women sex with pigs movie
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3 thoughts on “Women sex with pigs movie

  1. hardcore??? not hardly!!! it was barely more than an r-rated movie. i saw no penetration whatsoever, no blow job, nada!!! this was more like a scene you would see on a late friday night showing on "cinemax after dark". sure would have been nice to see the whole scene without all the edits that removed the truly hardcore stuff. sorry but this one gets a thumbs down!!!